Thursday, October 22, 2009

Odd Stuff of the Day - The Garden of Las Pozas

It all started with a song I couldn't get out of my head. If you've seen the recent "V" Vizio ads, you know what I'm talking about:

After running around all day yesterday with that song stuck in my head, I decided to look up where the tune came from, and that's where the story begins.  The song is "We Are the People" by Empire of the Sun, an electronic duo from Australia:


The video for the song was shot in various locations in Mexico.  The most striking of these was the garden of Las Pozas, a surrealist concrete garden built between 1949 and 1984 by Edward James.  As the story goes, James, a British poet and patron of surreal art, wanted to build a veritable Garden of Eden but decided that his current location of Southern California was unsuitable.  Heading for Mexico, he contracted a guide and together they found a location in Xilitla, San Luis Potosi.  Already home to several natural pools and waterfalls, Las Pozas was built at a cost of $5M US.  It has a collection of temples, stairways, arches, and palaces, among other features.

Looks like I've got another destination for the bucket list!


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