Monday, December 14, 2009

John Mayer was Wrong...

...I really should start carrying a camera on me at all times.

Anyway...I drove The Tick in this morning to work.  I'd say my excuse is that I never completely winterized the car (by filling the tank up and putting Sta-Bil in it), but of course, the real reason is that it was relatively warm and I felt like driving it.  Felt good to feel closed into such a small car but with my head open to the elements (yes, I will drive top-down when it's 40deg out).  I really can't describe what a feeling I get driving it, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I noticed that my boss's car and The Tick would have made for a wonderful Mazda ad this morning:

(pardon the crappy cell-phone pic!)

Seeing two bright Mazdas in a boring gaggle of grey, black, and navy cars was too good of a picture to pass up--even if I wasn't carrying a decent enough camera  to capture the scene.


Adam said...

NICE! Thumbs way up.

I sometimes realize how out of place Sharka looks on any given road. So many beige SUVs and Camrys.... (Camries?)

Bry said...

The only thing funnier is that my other car is a beat-up silver Civic coupe...they don't get much more nondescript than that (though the Civic is surprisingly fun to drive).