Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is pretty simple this year: manage the mail pile better. 

If you've lived in a house and/or paid bills in your life, you know that mail seems to pile up if you don't keep on it.  An irrational fear of finding out you've been canned via the mail or something similarly nefarious does nothing to help this.  When I was living in Ft. Thomas, I had a box full of mail that was unopened, presumably to be shredded.  I seem to recall thinking that the wedding gift I probably used (or at least appreciated the most) was a simple shredder.  Needless to say since we got married, moved, and bought a house, the mail stream has yet to relent.  Unfortunately, my patience for actually sitting down to sift through it all has yet to find itself.  

I mean, come on...we're in the 21st century here--doesn't anyone believe in doing things online?!

(The honest truth is that I'm lazy about doing the mail because I tend to keep tabs on everything online, and therefore know that most of what I get in the mail is either junk or a notification that I probably would have gotten too late had I not already taken care of it online.  That, of course, does not matter because it doesn't get rid of the giant piles Christy and I keep putting off every couple weeks.)

So anyway...a quick picture just to give you an idea of what I'm working with here.  To note: the mail pile today contained at least one item from Oct 23rd and I had emptied the shredder prior to going through my part of the pile...



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