Friday, February 12, 2010


As of February 1st, The Tick is paid off!

While a small victory in and of itself, what this means is that all of the cars are now paid off.  Gotta admit, it's a pretty good feeling...Christy and I have been very blessed!

Now that The Tick's paid off, it's time to think about what modifications I'd like to get done to "finish" the project:

Wheels, Tires, & Suspension:
*Upgrade front swaybar to Mazdaspeed Miata unit.
*Re-do alignment.
*Flip tires.

*Add the OEM Shock Tower Bar to tighten up the front end.
*Upgrade driver's seat to Elise seat.  It'll let me sit lower in the car (important if I want to look into a rollbar), support my back better, and give me a real headrest for once.  My friend Adam has some ideas.
*Once the head height problem is solved, get a rollbar for safety.  I'm thinking a Hard Dog M2 Sport (no diagonals).
*Buy an iPod adapter kind of like this one.

Aesthetic Clean-ups:
*Fix the slight rust issues in The Tick's trunk.
*Clean up The Tick's cloudy headlamp lenses.
*Get the wheels refinished.
*Paint The Tick's valve cover in red crinkle-coat.  Looks something like this (Mazda did quite a job from the factory!).  Come to think of it, Harvey's valve cover could use a similar treatment this summer.
*Replace the antenna base with something a little less swept.

What do you think?


dustin said...

we need to figure out when would be a good time to do the swaybar swap.

Bry said...

I know...the weekends have been a killer lately!

Adam said...

Huge congrats!!! Nothing like paying off a beloved car.

I remember the day I paid off Sharka-the-97. I sat in the car and just reveled in the fact that I now owned the doors, the fenders, everything that was still stock at the time (2003 I think). Such a feeling.

Bry said...

I wish that moment hadn't come in the middle of winter for me. I'd probably have gone for a drive to celebrate.

At least it's done!