Thursday, December 9, 2010

If I Had My Druthers...

My father is in the middle of the restoration of his 1930 Model A Cabriolet.  Despite urgings from his fellow car buddies (who all wanted him to go the custom/restomod route), Dad is restoring the car to factory brilliance, which is something I can definitely get behind.  To encourage him and possibly give some ammo to the "factory restoration" argument, I recently snapped pictures of a 1930 Tudor whose owner had it restored a couple decades ago:

Ford Model A Tudor Sedan
(After seeing it up close, I can't help but laugh, thinking that "Tudor" was a joking amalgamation of "Two Door", but that's beside the point!)

While I applaud Dad for sticking to his guns and doing the factory restoration, if I had my own car, I'm thinking it'd look something like this:

(via Just a Car Guy)
This is some pretty impressive work, no?

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