Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Introduction: A Boy and his Car

Just to give some introductions, my name is Bryan and the little green paperweight--and star of the show is Junior, my modified 1997 M-Edition Miata. For the three years before I met my darling wife Christy, Junior was my main mode of not only transportation but entertainment, excitement, and friendship...ok, as much as a car can be!

Why "Junior"? Well, I bought Junior on July 1st, 2004 to replace his "father" and predecessor, Monty. Monty was my first Miata, a 1997 Montego Blue car. He unfortunately suffered from what I like to call an excess of bravado and a shortage of common sense:

I decided that Monty's replacement would be either "The Batmobile" (if I got a Black car) or Junior if I bought another 97. As you can see, I got Junior ;-)

In three years, we've been to seven states: from the frozen north of Wisconson (where Junior's rollbar came from) to the humid heat of North Carolina, we've autocrossed, roadtrip'ed, and otherwise caused general automotive mayhem:

This was my first post, and it took quite a lot of time! I apologize for the not so hot I have more time, I'll post more. Until then, take care :-)

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