Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meet The Tick, or, How to Cross 4 States In A 4-Day Round Trip! - Day 1

Loaded up the car, first with spare parts that were going to JD, then with my clothes, toiletries, and supplies. Unfortunately, I had a little do I fit all of this...

...into Junior?

Well, here's how:

My bags had to take the equivalent of the "back seat" in the Miata:

Now with the bags packed and the engine running, I took some last pictures of Junior before getting on the road:

On the way to Knoxville, I stopped off to deposit the buyer's check for Junior. When I came out, I noticed that Junior had gotten dwarfed by, of all things, a Ford Five Hundred:

It was right then that the bank teller ran out to tell me that I had nearly left my Driver's License behind...oops!

After an uneventful 4hr trip, I arrived at La Casa de JD to drop off the car:

Before heading off to catch the bus to Ocala, I got a couple pics for the road:

I'll post the rest of the trip diary over the next couple days...writing these posts takes quite some time!

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